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My name is Sonna Johns and I’m a life coach that focuses on self-empowerment.  My passion is to help women through difficult challenges, either in their personal relationships or in the workplace.  The new year can bring about many changes. Changes that can be good or some that are more challenging. Why not take advantage of 2019 and make it a year of strength, personal growth and empowerment? Perhaps you are about to go through a major transition, or beginning the next chapter in your life.

Start off the new year by making a decision to be true to yourself. What do you really want? What is most important to you? How do you want to impact others? The more you do for you, the more you are able to do for others- which gives us a sense of fulfillment, purpose and love in our life. Be sure to surround yourself with positive people that inspire you and encourage you- people that you enjoy being around because they bring a smile to your heart…

May this year bring success, prosperity, good health and happiness. I look forward to working with you in 2019!



Many of us tend to forget our limits when we focus too much on being loving and giving. Do you often say yes when you mean to say no? Do you feel guilty if you do say no? How can you answer to someone you love or work with that may be asking too much of you? Perhaps they are taking advantage of your kindness. The bottom line is you get what you allow. Plain and simple. If you allow others to push your buttons, they will and they will continue to do so. It’s a vicious cycle. The more this happens, the worse you will feel and the less respect others will have for you. Their behavior will stay the same and you will continue to feel unworthy. If they keep getting the response they want from you, why would they do anything different?! Now I’m not telling you to become unkind, sassy, or a spoiled entitled diva… I am saying it is possible to set boundaries in a loving, firm, and effective way. Not only is it great for your self-worth and self-respect, but it will contribute to a healthier, happier relationship overall. Some people may not like it at first when you start to set boundaries. This is pretty typical and you should expect some resistance, but if you are consistent they will eventually adjust. This builds respect on both sides. What about when you say yes out of obligation or someone says something hurtful? Do you often feel frustrated with yourself for not responding the way you wanted to? YES. This can happen with your partner, your kids, friends or co-workers. So why might you have a tough time being assertive and saying what you want? It might be that way because you are allowing others to control your reaction out of fear that they will be angry with you. Believe me, I know it can be tough at first to modify our behavior, but it is the key to self-love, respect and self-empowerment.

In my program I focus on learning how to set healthy boundaries and stay consistent. I focus on becoming self-empowered in a kind, firm way. What are the best ways to communicate our boundaries? This is a big piece of the Empowerment pie! Stay tuned for more pieces in the coming weeks…

sonna johns
Spring...New Beginnings

Spring is about strength and new beginnings- a breath of fresh air! If you think about it, Spring is the perfect time to gain more clarity on things and begin the process of getting stronger and making some changes you have been longing for. The sun is shining bright, it’s getting warmer, the flowers are starting to bloom. All these things give us an organic boost of energy!  Is there a situation or person in your life that has been keeping you stuck? Maybe you still dread going to work, or you keep thinking things will change in your relationship? 

So where do you start?  Well, it all starts with YOU- your inner-self. I am all for exercising, eating healthy and buying some new, fun clothes! Spring is the ideal time to begin that new exercise program that you keep putting off, or do the detox that takes a major commitment, ugh.  All of these things make us feel good and boost our confidence…  And by all means add this to your list, but true peace and happiness starts within. Within your heart, mind and soul. It’s about feeling “whole, solid”.  Many of us run from what our inner guidance or gut is telling us.  Sometimes we don’t know on a conscious level what we are running from but we just continue stay super busy and stressed. This can make us feel ‘off balance’ which adds to feeling more anxious, edgy and agitated. Now is the time to get clear on what makes you happy, healthy and loving. What is important to you? Are you living your life purpose? Are you giving and receiving love?   Create a list of these things that you want, how do you want to feel, and what brings you joy and peace? Then set the intention that you will set aside a quiet space and some time for yourself everyday. It could be outside in the fresh air, or it could be in place within your home that is relaxing. I refer to my quiet space, which is my living room - as my sanctuary.

There is a sense of empowerment and peace that comes from taking time to stop, close your eyes, breathe and listen… Start with your inner guidance, and the rest will come…


sonna johns